Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m Alison, a professional who joined my two passions for animal and art into my life’s work.

My goal is to accurately portray animals in a new way that captures their essence but also helps you see something new about them. I draw any creature (though – of course – I have my favorites…see the Fun Facts for that!) and have a portfolio of work, already made, that you can purchase prints (or full rights) to. In addition, I also create new works of the special creatures in your life based on photographs you give me.

Fun Facts:

  • I currently have a ridiculous rescue husky/shepherd mix named Whiskey who I simply adore.
  • When I was young, I couldn’t have a dog so (being animal crazy) I asked for a rabbit instead. That snowballed and four years in the future I had a fully operational rabbit breeding and showing hobby going on with over 30 of my own rabbits!
  • While I still adore rabbits and consider them one of the best creatures, I developed horrible allergies to them and can no longer touch them.
  • I am constantly expanding and changing my artistic practice and exploring new media! (Don’t see something that looks just right for you – let’s chat – I’d love to push myself and create you the perfect piece)
  • My decision to pursue art in college and beyond was an impulsive last minute change during my senior year of high school. Before that, I had spent my entire time in high school planning to pursue business.